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Introduction to Rubber Stamping: Stamps and the tools to use them

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If you are new to rubber stamping or crafting in general, this information is an introduction to the kinds of stamps and the different tools used. Years ago, the most common kind of stamps were the wood mounted kind. The rubber image is attached to the wood mounted stamp by an adhesive. I tend not to buy this type any more, as I find they are harder to work with because you cannot tell if you have enough ink on the image and it's harder to re-stamp the image if you need more ink. I will buy one of these if I really like the image. I have heard that if you microwave the wooden stamps for 10 seconds, it weakens the adhesive and then you can remove the stamp from the wooden block. I have not tried this yet. If I do, I will let you know!

Today, clear cling rubber stamps and red cling rubber stamps are the most common stamps on the market. What I love about the these kinds of stamps, is that you can see just how much ink is on the image, and the tools that are used with these types of stamps allow you to re-stamp the image without fear of having the image move or be blurred. Another advantage of these types of stamps is that they take less room to store than the wooden block stamps, since they can lie flat or can stand up vertically. Here are some of examples of the clear stamps.

To use, just remove from the plastic and when you are done using, reapply to the plastic. Make sure to clean your stamps first before returning to the plastic. I just use water and a stamp shammy. I use the Lawn Fawn stamp shammy. The price point on these kinds of stamps start at about $15. If you take good care of them, they will last you a long time. Below is how they look when the package is open.

The last category of stamps are the red rubber cling stamps. The act just the same as the clear cling stamps, but are typically a lot thicker. Like the clear cling stamps, they adhere to the plastic in the packaging they come in and can be stored flat or vertical. Here are a few examples.

Do note that sometimes the size on the front of the packaging can differ with the actual size of the stamp image itself. This particular brand, does say on the front of the packaging that the images are smaller than the actual size. Below is what the back of the stamps look like.

Both the red rubber cling and the clear cling stamps work the same way with the following tools I will discuss. The first are acrylic blocks. The are clear acrylic blocks that the stamps stick too. The come in different shapes and sizes. Because I have arthritis, I tend toward the ones with the curvy edges, as they are easier for me to grasp. These are by Lawn Fawn and can be found at your local stamp stores or online.

What I use more than the acrylic blocks is the Mini Misti stamp positioning tool. Now, I have to admit, if you are new to stamping, this is a MUST HAVE! It makes stamping so easy, because the stamps adhere to the cover and you can see your image. If you are making multiple pieces, you can just keep your stamp on the cover where it is and just make sure to place your paper in the same position. There is a piece of foam that is removed when you are using the red rubber cling stamps, as they are thicker than the clear stamps. This way, you can use the same tool for the different sizes of stamps. I have the Mini Misti, but they also carry a larger size. Your piece of paper is held on the platform by magnets. This way, your paper doesn't move and you get a perfect image every time.

After you stick your stamp to the cover, you ink it up and close the cover and press down. If you need to apply more ink, just repeat!

I hope this has been a useful introduction to different kinds of stamps and how they are used. If you have any questions, please ask! Thanks so much for reading! As always, remember to support your local stamp stores! Amanda.

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